Friday, December 1, 2017

When I was a kid I met Mr. Marr's. He fascinated me about mules the mountains and how independent he was. His family homesteaded by Beaverhead NM. He started a saddle shop on central in Albuquerque by the fairgrounds. Later he sold the land the saddle shop stood on and jacked up the saddle shop and moved it north of Albuquerque.
When I met him he was old.. my father said that when he met him he was old lol. He didn't like many people really, or maybe he just didn't put up with BS, but he liked my father and me. I remember a man came to order a saddle and proceeded to tell him how he wanted it made..which was a mistake.. he also told him he wanted a 17" seat in it .. Mr Marrs told him he didn't make saddles with that big of a seat and if a person needed that big of a seat he was too fat to ride lol .. He had a lot of mules and a nice Jack and bought some mares from my father to breed. From what I understand he was very well respected in the mule racing world
He use to pack into the wilderness for a month at a time and because he had some stomach issues he brought a milk goat with him. I think the stories my father told me about him and the little bit I got to be around him really shaped the way I feel about things and what I do.
His shop still stands North of Albuquerque and from what I understand most of his tools are still in it. I would sure like to find out who owns it and if anyone anywhere had more information or photographs about this man... He was one of a kind ...

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Back to the Mountains.. Bear Hunting Adventure

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Wednesday, October 4, 2017

 Never realized just how time consuming it is to try and hunt the hounds, take care of chores, run my small business, take care of domestic duties (wife) and edit videos. I'm like 3 videos behind not to mention all the ones from last year or the interviews. I will work on it for sure.


Monday, September 25, 2017

Joe Rogan Experience #1013 - Cameron Hanes

I don't usually share other peoples videos here but this one is great. Joe Rogan talks Hunting with Cameron Hanes .. really good listen for motivation and for educating non hunters .. #Joerogan #Cameronhanes       

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Throw Back Thursday Lion Hunting Feb. 2016

I have several of these videos of us hunting back in the winter of 2016. I started to edit them and put them up summer of 2016 but I got side tracked and never did. I thought maybe I could start this "throw back thursday" and start adding them.

In this video I am lion hunting with several of my friends. We are riding mules and horses and putting the dogs on the ground and riding circles in roadless wilderness rough country. This is big country and the Mountain Lions come and go. What we are looking for is an overnight track that will give us a chance to put the cougar up. Back country bush craft and surviving out in the elements is something we have to endure but it all adds to the adventure and at least to me thats what it is all about.
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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The older I get.. it's harder but I'm not ready to stop

August bear hunting with the hounds down here in the area that I hunt is still a little early and for the most part too hot. We had a nice day that was overcast and looked like rain so I took off with the hounds. Not an early start but we went prepared to get wet but still ride my mule to the top. In this country there are no roads to speak of and if you want to get anywhere you better have a good horse or mule and be prepared to stay out at night. To survive it best to be prepared and carry what you need with you. You can't control where the hounds go and how far. Black bears can run a long ways and like a friend of mine told me the world is flat to a bear. Most of the time it leads to a great adventure and really thats what is all about. #CBVTV #nevertoolate #Cowboyvon Amazon Affiliate Links to what I use: Spot Messenger: Garmin Alpha: Panasonic Lumix FZ 1000 Camera: Arial Video Mavic Pro: Point and Shoot iPhone 7+: If your interested in Chinks or Leather Gators like I wear send me a message

Monday, May 15, 2017

Well I got the interview done with Don Milton and Tom White. We had an awesome time and I got to hear some really good stories. I have to get it all edited together, which will be pushing my limits with 2 audio tracks and 2 camera angles. But I am excited to get it done and see what everyone thinks.

Another thing is I decided to try and get ahold of George Pivey. He is the last of the living that hunted with Dennis Carson and Charlie Settles and Dale Lee in Mexico. There is a real interesting story that goes with these interviews that I would like to share but I might have to wait. I have put off editing these interviews mainly because I want to make sure I do a good job and also because of this missing piece.. which is George Pivey. Hopefully he will agree and I can make arrangements to get this done.

Sorry for the delay still trying to get moved. We should get in the new house this week and I will have my office in the house so that will make work so much easier.



Tuesday, April 25, 2017

So after much debate I went ahead and ordered the audio equipment that I think I need to get some kind of decent audio for the interviews I plan on doing. So for you ghosts out there that might be interested stay tuned .. if I can figure out how to use this stuff there should be some interesting content  to watch..

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Total: 1619.75

Friday, April 7, 2017

Guess I'm not living in a camper anymore 

Haven't had time to edit any videos .. I bet I have 10 back logged that if I had the time I could get out. But one of things I like is editing and trying to make them nice to watch so I won't push out content just to have content out . I'm getting better at editing, I hope, and I do have plans for more and better content this summer. I have several old hunters lined up for interviews in addition to the ones that I already have but haven't finished yet.

Looks like we will be in our new place in about 3 weeks Its been a lot of work and time consuming. This is the 5th property that I have developed from scratch and I hope it is the last. I have also been videoing the progress and will try to put something together on that for those that are interested.

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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Vlog #5

Vlog #5 .. In this Vlog we trail a little ole lion a few miles. In the end not sure if we were on the right end or trailing backwards. Still the heat got us but the hounds did a great job trailing. Rough, dry roadless country makes it tough but thats what I like.... putting the hounds on the ground and riding my mule in Gods creation. Please watch till the end one of my favorite Gunsmoke Characters Abe Blocker...
Thanks ...! #nevertoolate #wilderness #lionhunting #mules #CBVTV #hounds

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

I think I kind of have this blog format straightened out... I kind of neglected it for a while. I will try to get out a weekly Vlog post every Friday. Seems like a good location to post them besides on my Youtube Channel and my Patreon page. Hunting will probably be slowing down the hotter it gets but I have some other things that might be interesting to some coming up. I'm not much on writing but I do enjoy working with video.. So stay tuned lol