Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The older I get.. it's harder but I'm not ready to stop

August bear hunting with the hounds down here in the area that I hunt is still a little early and for the most part too hot. We had a nice day that was overcast and looked like rain so I took off with the hounds. Not an early start but we went prepared to get wet but still ride my mule to the top. In this country there are no roads to speak of and if you want to get anywhere you better have a good horse or mule and be prepared to stay out at night. To survive it best to be prepared and carry what you need with you. You can't control where the hounds go and how far. Black bears can run a long ways and like a friend of mine told me the world is flat to a bear. Most of the time it leads to a great adventure and really thats what is all about. #CBVTV #nevertoolate #Cowboyvon Amazon Affiliate Links to what I use: Spot Messenger: Garmin Alpha: Panasonic Lumix FZ 1000 Camera: Arial Video Mavic Pro: Point and Shoot iPhone 7+: If your interested in Chinks or Leather Gators like I wear send me a message