Thursday, May 31, 2018

Time to get to the mountains

On our way for a little overnight trip into the mountains. I will head out tonight and just cowboy camp and wait for the others to show up in the morning. Its been hot and dry down here in the desert and from what I can tell its been dry in the mountains too. No camp fires my cooking will be done either on the Jet Boil or my hurricane grill. It is a short trip with us just riding in to the hot springs and coming out the same day. I will probably ride Jet Johnson and maybe lead Big Agnes (my mules) Of course I don't hardly go anywhere without a hound or 2... I will take a couple of young dogs (Maggie and Laurie) that really aren't wanting to do much on their own yet. Don't have time to be trailing all over the mountain. I have been going through my stuff in my truck and my trailer. Getting ready for hopefully many more adventures.. becoming more of a "Nomadic" instead of the stationary off grid hunter I was before I sold my camp. I think it will be fun.. and of course there will be a video of everything on my youtube channel  CBVTV Youtube Channel  and I will try to have some pictures to show here on the blog. So adios ....

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Alchemist This book came to me right at the right time.. coincidence..?

I don't know but I like it ... I'm listening to it as an audio book.. but here is the Link to the written book... #nevertoolate #born100yearstoolate #schoolofgreatness #Lewishowes