Friday, December 1, 2017

When I was a kid I met Mr. Marr's. He fascinated me about mules the mountains and how independent he was. His family homesteaded by Beaverhead NM. He started a saddle shop on central in Albuquerque by the fairgrounds. Later he sold the land the saddle shop stood on and jacked up the saddle shop and moved it north of Albuquerque.
When I met him he was old.. my father said that when he met him he was old lol. He didn't like many people really, or maybe he just didn't put up with BS, but he liked my father and me. I remember a man came to order a saddle and proceeded to tell him how he wanted it made..which was a mistake.. he also told him he wanted a 17" seat in it .. Mr Marrs told him he didn't make saddles with that big of a seat and if a person needed that big of a seat he was too fat to ride lol .. He had a lot of mules and a nice Jack and bought some mares from my father to breed. From what I understand he was very well respected in the mule racing world
He use to pack into the wilderness for a month at a time and because he had some stomach issues he brought a milk goat with him. I think the stories my father told me about him and the little bit I got to be around him really shaped the way I feel about things and what I do.
His shop still stands North of Albuquerque and from what I understand most of his tools are still in it. I would sure like to find out who owns it and if anyone anywhere had more information or photographs about this man... He was one of a kind ...

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Back to the Mountains.. Bear Hunting Adventure

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