Thursday, December 15, 2016

This is a podcast I found about Dryground Mountain Lion Hunting

Monday, December 12, 2016

Moving is a pain... Finally got one of my trucks fixed. The 2006 had the injectors replaced so $2800.00 later its running and pretty good. The "wolf wagon" has had the front end rebuilt, $1700.00 later, but still has to have it slid back under the truck. I'm in the middle of moving and just have another 2 weeks to go before I can close and get my money. I plan on building a real nice dog kennel, hay barn, tack room and horse/mule corrals. Maybe I will video the progress and post the videos on youtube and share them here.

Hunting for a while will be hit and miss also videos. But the good news is that in the mean time before I have my new property livable I will be staying at my camp in the mountains with the hounds.. so things could be a lot worse.

Its not a bad place to stay.

PS On a side note... I really don't know if anyone actually reads this blog. If you do please leave a comment .. just a word or two to let me know .. Thanks!