Monday, December 12, 2016

Moving is a pain... Finally got one of my trucks fixed. The 2006 had the injectors replaced so $2800.00 later its running and pretty good. The "wolf wagon" has had the front end rebuilt, $1700.00 later, but still has to have it slid back under the truck. I'm in the middle of moving and just have another 2 weeks to go before I can close and get my money. I plan on building a real nice dog kennel, hay barn, tack room and horse/mule corrals. Maybe I will video the progress and post the videos on youtube and share them here.

Hunting for a while will be hit and miss also videos. But the good news is that in the mean time before I have my new property livable I will be staying at my camp in the mountains with the hounds.. so things could be a lot worse.

Its not a bad place to stay.

PS On a side note... I really don't know if anyone actually reads this blog. If you do please leave a comment .. just a word or two to let me know .. Thanks!


  1. Love it Brett....Liven's up my boring life...Where ya movin to?

  2. Just moving from my place down in the low country closer to town. We had 3 places the mountain camp, a place down lower in the desert and a rental house in town. We sold the place in the desert and bought a place closer to town but still out where I can keep the hounds so now we can get rid of the rental house. Still have the campin the mountains and will be spending as much time ther as I can ..Thanks for the comment