Friday, June 27, 2014

I had some work to do down in SW Texas so I took the long way and went through Sanderson. I've always liked this country and I know it's good lion country. I stopped at a gas station there to get a cup of coffee and asked the lady if she knew of any lion hunters that lived there. She said FM Galvan and pulled out a couple of pictures of lions he had killed. I told her one of these days I would like to meet him, she told me I better hurry because he's over 80 years old and has cancer and couldn't hardly get out of the house and would probably really enjoy talking to me.

She told me that he just lived right across the street so I took some time out and went over knocked on the door and sat down and visited with him for over an hour. I took pictures of his photo album, but his wife was upset because she said that someone had visited with him before and took the best pictures promising to get them copied and bring back the originals, but he never came back. I still took some pictures of the pictures that he had left in his photo album. I didn't take a camera in and video him but I did record some notes of what he said right after I left.

I did enjoy talking to him and I do believe he liked visiting with me also. Those old timers are getting few and far between and a person really should take the time to sit down and visit and LISTEN to them.  So I put a little video slide show together along with my recall of what he said. Sorry for the bad audio that is something I haven't worked out yet.  Music again by Dave Stamey "The Vaquero Song"

I wish before he is gone he could see this video.

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